Come cozy up to our piano bar

When we purchased our weekend cabin several years ago, the previous owners left behind an upright piano.   After living with the space hogging, rather unattractive behomoth for several years, we decided to try and sell it.  No luck. Then we just wanted to give it away.  No luck with that either. We tried flyers, calling schools, you name it. No one wanted our piano, and she was starting to feel dejected and unwanted. A friend recommended turning it into a Piano Bar. And so we did.  Here she is looking forlorn, without a purpose…



And here she is now, ladies and gents, all gussied up just waitin’ for party time

piano bar white 

It was impossible to find any tutorials on line on how to do this.  Just like this post, there were descriptions but no exact instructions.  Design on a Dime supposedly did something like this year’s ago, but I couldn’t find it on their site.

What we did was pretty simple. Because of the type of piano this was, there wasn’t much to disasemble.  We cut two pieces of plywood to size. One for the bottom part and one for the very top. To install the bottom piece we put three brackets (just like you would if you were installing a bookshelf) attached to the piano and the top piece was secured to the piano with a flat hinge with holes for screws which we attached to both the piano and the mirrored piece.  We had a piece of glass cut to size for the keyboard, installed some glass holders and we were pretty much done.

The entire project took the better part of a full day and cost about $150, most of which was spent buying the mirrors and having them glued on by a professional. You can do it for less if you’re willing to install the mirrors yourself.

So now we have a practical piece of furniture that provides the always much needed storage that we can never have enough of.  And hubby loves it when I get my hot pink boa and caress the piano top singing melodically ‘the minute you walked in the door…I can see you were a man of distinction…a real big spender…good lookin’, so refined…now wouldn’t you like to know what’s goin’ on in my mind?’…

I’ll leave you on that (off tune) note.

Updated: We’ve moved the piano to the other side of the space and added more glasses. It’s gotten a lot of use for the last two+ years and everyone who sees it comments about how cool it looks. If you’d like to see this beauty now, go here and here.


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