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I’ve been thinking about starting a ‘Products I Love’ post for quite some time, and I guess the start of the new year is as good a time as any. I enjoy finding useful products that make my life easier and I’m pretty sure you do too so here goes.

(If you would like more info on each product, just click the ‘source’ under each pic.)

Fisherman calls these ‘Hamburger Helper’ gloves. :) True, they’re not pretty, but they’re soooooo much more practical than pot holders, which I’ve never been able to work with and I’ve got the burn marks to prove it. I usually just end up grabbing a dish towel, but these gloves will give you the dexterity you want and need when handling hot items. I have a pair at the rental and plan on getting another for the cabin. Right now they’re on sale for $13 (normally $19).

oven mitts


I’m sure you’ve seen these stools by now. I’ve had one for a while and recently bought two more which I keep at the cabin. They’re super lightweight, inexpensive (you can usually find one for less than $15), and really sturdy. I plan on having at least a few at the cabin, maybe two upstairs and one downstairs, if not more.  




My favorite feature about this stool is it folds flat and can be stored easily. Here’s the one I have at the rental, which I keep in a small base cabinet in the kitchen. (There are also options for taller stools if you need it.)


Have you tried fingerless gloves? A few weeks ago I purchased a few pairs made of boiled wool at a small shop not far from the cabin. I think they may have been made in Peru. I gave some to friends and kept two for myself which was a good thing because it didn’t take me long to lose a pair. :( I love how technology paves the way for new products to be invented. These are great for texting and feel better when driving than traditional gloves. The link leads to an Etsy shop, but you can find these almost anywhere.



Around 10 years ago I bought a pair of black suede boots that are fur lined with a nice heel, perfect for wearing with pants. You know how sometimes you don’t want to wear regular high heels because there’s snow on the ground but you’re going someplace nice and you don’t want to wear clunky boots either?

Well, for the last few years I’ve been looking to replace those boots because they’re showing their age. It wasn’t easy. I searched EVERYWHERE and almost gave up hope when I came across these via Pinterest. The picture led me to a site but they were sold out. Armed with the manufacturers name, I did a search and found them on Amazon. Even though they said it would take 4 weeks to receive them, I got them in 3 days!

I love them! The heel is just the right height, they’re rubberized on the bottom so they’re pretty safe to wear while walking on slippery surfaces, and they’re super warm.



They also come in a pretty camel color and you can also get them a bit higher on the calf if you want, but since I’ll mostly be wearing them with pants these were perfect.

I can’t say how often I will post about the new stuff I try. I don’t want to feel pressured to put up a post and buy something I don’t really want or need, but I will definitely share anything I feel is worthwhile as I find it.

What about you? Any cool products you’ve tried lately?


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  1. Great picks.

  2. SharonFromMichigan says:

    Doreen – I’ve always wondered about the oven gloves – next time I see them I just might have to buy myself a gift! I have one of the folding step stools and love it (I can’t reach the upper shelves in my cupboards).


    P.S. Love the idea of you blogging about useful items – great idea.

    • Thank you Sharon! If you’re interested in the gloves there’s a link and I’m pretty sure they’re still on sale. I appreciate you stopping by and I’m glad you like the idea of me highlighting useful items. It’s always helpful to know what my readers are interested in. Please stop by again!

  3. Great items…love the folding stool and swooning over those boots!!!…they are fantastic!…enjoy them!

  4. I made fingerless gloves by cutting the fingers off my gloves. Was that the wrong way to do it??



  5. My mom has the same gloves to take things out of the oven and she says she can’t live without them! She even takes them when on holidays!

  6. I love posts like this…we need to share our tips. I have to get one of those stools for my daughter. She’s just under 5’0 (yes, she’s and adult!) and can’t reach her top cabinets. Thanks for the info on the boots, too. Very cute! Are they waterproof?


  7. Great stuff Doreen! The gloves are my favorite (fingerless). I feel useless when I wear the regular ones. Also the ‘Hamburger Helper’ gloves are pretty cool. Have a fabulous week! 😀

  8. Love the gloves (oven & fingerless). I have a few of those step stools already. They are incredibly handy. Definitely do more favorite things blog posts. You sure have excellent tips. Happy Birthday!!! xxDenise

  9. Cool stuff! I’d love to go shopping with you!! Have a wonderful Birthday!!!~~Ang

  10. These are all great picks! Hamburger helper gloves, that’s too funny. But gosh, it’s like your reading my mind because I a danger in the kitchen and those gloves would probably make me less of a safety hazard. Foldable foot stool, check, I could use that. And I sure could have used those boots last week with all the snow. Helpful ideas, thanks, Doreen :)

  11. Your gloves have me chuckling as my grandson’s mama’s dog chewed her boyfriends gloves…I think they were a pretty good pair. As the children described it, there were no fingers left :)

    I always use the big oven mitt kind ….I am far too klutzy to trust those skinny little potholder things! :)

  12. Doreen,

    LOVED this post!! It’s one thing if someone is paid or compensated in some way to rave about a product, and another if they’re just doing it because they GENUINELY love it and want to tell everyone they know because it makes them happy and aren’t a penny richer doing so!

    I can so relate to your experience re: pot holders and dish towels, which I, also resort to while in a ‘fast food’ frenzy! ‘Fast’, in this case meaning, I’ve got a table of already seated, empty stomachs to feed, while I’m full of frustration trying to grab on to, and HOLD on to, the hot dishes from oven to table, as FAST as I can!

    Your ankle boots are also very chic and stylish, and I love the shape and the fact that they are lined and thus, warm! You know what? The older I get, the less I care about sacrificing style for comfort, but these are both pretty and practical!

    Thanks for all the wonderful finds!


  13. I sure need those first ones!

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