How I Organized My Jewelry

I’m not a huge jewelry person.

Not by any means. 

But you wouldn’t know it by looking at my stash of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Yet…I pretty much wear the same necklace and earrings 90% of the time.


I started to think that maybe that’s because the majority of my jewelry was buried. Most of it was in a drawer in individual small boxes and I didn’t know what was inside unless I opened the box, which I never did so the jewelry just sat there unused year after year.

My closet is a small walk in, and the wall that faces you when you enter wasn’t being put to good use. I did some research and realized that homasote would be a great material to use as a board to store my jewelry. It’s not too heavy, you can easily poke holes in it, and it’s relatively inexpensive.  We ended up paying around $28 for a 4×8 board at Home Depot and had them cut it for us. I ended up with two 2×6 pieces and one 2×4. I used the smaller piece for this project and that worked out perfectly for my needs.

I began by cutting the burlap a few inches larger than the homasote on each side and stapling in place.

jewelry storage

For the actual jewelry holders, I wanted to use something that was somewhat decorative, so I used up almost all my stash of cabinet hardware for this project, as well as some burlap that I got on sale last year. (I still have about 18 yards left!). I used an owl and mallet to make holes in the homasote in random places. You can also use hook eyes to hold your jewelry in which case you can put them on once the homasote is on your wall, but since the knobs needed to be screwed in from behind I didn’t have that option.

jewelry storage

 I even used a door stop! The good thing about that is it works well for holding bracelets or even rings. (I took off the ugly rubber end and glued a pretty button on instead). Think outside the box. Anything that can be screwed in can work.

homosote jewelry storage 

After I was finished with the knobs, Fisherman screwed the homasote into the wall studs on all four corners so it’s nice and secure.

You see those two ‘birds’? I was thinking of using those on the cabinet I showed you last week which you can see here, but quickly realized they wouldn’t be facing each other and that would look weird, besides, I really like the white ones better anyway.

jewelry storage

Knobs work great for necklaces, but earrings, not so much. I had this silver horizontal piece that you see which previously was used in the kitchen to hold utensils near the stove top, and it works nicely for earrings that have hoops. For post earrings you can simply stick them in the homasote, but consider giving them a quick wipe with alcohol before placing them in your ear. 

jewelry storage

I’ve already worn a couple of necklaces that I never wore before simply because they were right in front of my face, demanding my attention. I love being able to see everything at a glance, and although not ALL my jewelry is here (I still have lots of things housed in ‘the little black dress‘ from The Container Store and my dressier pieces are in the boxes I mentioned, but this time they’re labeled!), most of my everyday stuff is out and in plain view. 

Pins and brooches can easily just be pinned onto the fabric too! That brooch on the top left belongs to my daughter’s MIL. She gave that to me to potentially use it in the brooch bouquet but I didn’t end up using it. I need to give that back to her!

jewelry storage

All in, this project cost less than $30 because I had everything except the homasote. If you don’t have anything to start with, you can get around 50 hook eyes for less than $5.00 and probably pick up some fabric inexpensively too (or just come over…I have burlap!) and still do this project really inexpensively.

Do you like to wear different pieces often, or do you stick with the tried and true? How about storing jewelry? 


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  1. Thisis a great idea. I have ALOT of jewelry too and it is everywhere: I have the small drawer things in my closet, I have one of the jewelry pocket hanging thingys, and some in a jewelry armoire! Still not enough room though. I don’t have any place to hang something like this, wish I did.
    Thanks so much for your visit.

  2. That is soooo cute and a great solution! I don’t wear many necklaces but I have a lot earrings. I’ve been wanting to make a earring holder for about a year now :) I have the frame, I have the chicken wire…..

  3. My jewelry is a mess! I need one of those!

  4. Very pretty and practical, Doreen! I can see from your arrangement, lots of shades of blue, which I’m sure complement your beautiful eyes! Although I have some really fine pieces of gold and silver, I only wear my wedding band and a chain with my cross around my neck. Earrings have bothered me for ages, so my ears are bare. I do like costume jewellery, and light to switch things up with my outfits, every so often, just as I’m leaving the house. No planning goes into it. If I remember, then, okay. Perhaps if I were as organized as YOU, then I’d appear to be more put together, too!!

    Happy 4th, my friend!


  5. Yes, I’m guilty of the same thing as well. I have two drawers in my walk in closet that sit on top of Rubbermaid shoe cubbies. I use these for most of my earrings. I also have a hanging jewelry bag that’s for necklaces and bracelets. It’s shoved between clothes that I don’t wear much so the jewelry there is pretty much an afterthought. Your board makes it easy to make different choices and it looks like a pretty simple project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love that jewelry board!…I need to get busy and do something like that to organize my jewelry…thanks for the great ideas Doreen…

  7. I’m not a big jewelry wearer either. I have a few pieces that I wear and that’s it. I do like jewelry though. Your organizer is such a great way to store it. I bet you’ll be more apt to wear it now that you can see it!

  8. This is really a neat idea, Doreen! What I really love is that it doesn’t take up valuable real estate on your dresser. I love how cute and functional it is. And you DO have a nice collection of jewelry!


  9. great solution, Doreen. It turned out great!
    I used upholstery tacks, hammered into the wood sides of my closet storage pieces. They work great to hold my necklaces. For my earrings with hoops, I used a small frame with some mesh wire added to the back. I have an earring tree for my post earrings. I, too, like having all my necklaces out where I can see them.
    However, for some people, if they don’t have space to hang them, they could always put them on the hanger with the outfit they intend to wear it with.

    • The other day I went to a consignment store and the owner and I started talking about organizing jewelry and she told me she puts the necklaces with the outfits like you mentioned. I think that’s a great idea Cecilia! I also happen to have upholstery tacks but never thought of using them for this project but now I know!


  10. Now who’s being crafty??!! Looks wonderful!!!~~Angela

  11. Hi Doreen, wow your jewelry organizer looks so pretty in your closet and what a great idea! Sometimes I wish I was more handy with making things. I’d much rather knit or crochet! Lol! Take care and enjoy this beautiful summer day.
    P.S. You are so lucky to have nice nails!

  12. LOVE it Doreen!!!

  13. I love your jewelry organizer Doreen… looks fantastic! I made one a few years ago from a nightstand drawer front and some knobs. You can see it in this post… if you care to see it. I love it but could really use a bigger one. Maybe I’ll make another larger one some day. That would give me a good reason to shop for pretty knobs! I love all the different ones you used. Have a lovely week…:)

    Blessings, Vicky

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