Homemade Mozzarella


Hello everyone! Are you all back into your regular routines now that the holidays are over? As fun as they are, I’m always relieved when we can bid December goodbye. I welcome the new year and the changes it may bring, don’t you?

For me, January is all about organizing, and everywhere you look you are bombarded with organizing ideas, and I love it. These last few days you would have found me organizing the pantry, cleaning, and last but not least, finishing up the dresser so the Grands can have a bit of drawer space when they visit instead of making their room look like The Children’s Place threw up in there. I’ll show you all of that in future posts (the dresser and pantry, not the throw up).

But for now, I want to share with you how easy and fun it is to make mozzarella. Every year my friend hosts a mozzarella making party at her home. This year she had a huge turnout with over 40 people, many of whom made their own cheese, but some were just like me and we were casual observers. 

There are lots of recipes available online, but I find many of them a bit too complicated. Some of them instruct you to make your own curd, which is fine if that’s what you want to do, but if  you want the easy way, try this recipe.

There are tons of ingredients and they’re super complicated. 

J/K. Here’s what you’ll need:

Kosher salt

Fresh mozzarella curd

That’s it. Where do you get the curd you might ask? If you have a store nearby that makes their own cheese, they’ll usually sell you some curd. If not, maybe you should move? Seriously, is life worth living without a good Italian deli nearby. I think not.

If you insist on living in a world without pancetta and olives, you can get the curd online here.

Back to the ‘how to’. 

Cut the curd into pieces.


Now you need to soften it up a bit.

Heat a pot of water until very hot (160 degrees to 170 degrees). Add some salt according to taste. Fill a large bowl with ice water and place it nearby, and put the curd in another large bowl and add enough of the hot water to cover the curd.


Let the curd soften for around 3-4 minutes, drain the water and add another batch of hot water and soak for an additional 3 minutes while stirring.  Now gather it into a ball of your desired size and fold and pull it until elastic. This process take around 5 minutes and the water may burn your hands a bit so think about wearing gloves if you’re sensitive. If the curd gets stiff just dip it back into the hot water for a second. Whatever you do, don’t overwork it, unless you like rubbery cheese. 




To make a ball, just fold the cheese under into itself, wrap in plastic (optional) and place in the bowl of ice water.




You’re done! Easy right? Who knew?!

Have you ever made cheese? I tried it once and it was a fun thing to do and is a great idea for a get together around the holidays. You can make an amazing antipasti plate using this delicious cheese along with some roasted peppers, olives and aged salami. Yum!

I almost forgot…like most cheeses, this is best served at room temperature and eaten within 1 week for best taste. Keep covered with salted water in refrigerator.


  1. I’ve never made cheese, unless you count cutting the cheese, which I do with reckless abandon. Hey, your blog stopped snowing! I thought I was cool for buying fresh mozz instead of the other stuff. You’ve got me whipped, that’s for sure. When’s dinner???


    • Over indulging in those burritos again Andi? Hang in there. I’ll be over in a minute to pull your finger.

      Yup, got rid of the snow. I figured we have enough of it outside.

  2. Wow! I believe I’m going to have to try this! Yummy!!~~Ang

  3. Hi Doreen, wow I never made my own before and your cheese looks amazing! I bet it was delish too! Too bad I couldn’t have a taste! Lol! Take care.

  4. It really never dawned on me that one could make this at home. I can’t believe how easy it is to make. Pinning for sure. I think my neices who are part Italian would love to do this!!

  5. Happy New Year, Doreen,
    you homemade Mozzarella Queen!!

    Who knew making this most delicious of Italian cheeses could be so easy?! I should have guessed since I spent half my childhood watching my maternal grandmother, who made her own homemade Greek yoghurt every week – before it got trendy!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe; sounds delish!


  6. Doreen this Italian girl loves a great Italian deli and where we are moving to there is a fantastic one! Love fresh mozzarella. This is so easy, thanks for sharing!!!


  7. I remember you mentioned you were going to a mozarella making party. It must have been fun and so rewarding to eat it after.

  8. This looks like so much fun! Wow, 40 people, what a party!! I saw a “recipe” for this in one of my newer cookbooks, I think I may try it sometime.

    I’m with you on the organizing, I just have to get Christmas put away first!


  9. I never even thought about making my own mozzarella …or any cheese…until now! Thank you for sharing your recipe, Doreen!

  10. you are right…who knew? ! :)

    You make me want pizza now, even though it is only 8 o’clock in the morning!

  11. This is so great, Doreen! I’ve never tried making my own cheese before but I would like to try. I’ll bet it is absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing and pinning – hope you have a happy Monday!

  12. I took a class with my sister. We also made mozzarella filled with sweet cream.

  13. This post has me drooling! I’ve been dairy free (and gluten free) for a few months now and I really miss cheese. Yum!

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