A Quick ‘Catch Up’ & Happy Thanksgiving!

Am I nuts to publish a post the day before Thanksgiving? I’m thinking most of you are busy cooking and cleaning and hustling about and don’t have time to read blogs, but I wanted to update you on my week and of course, wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Sarissa and Josh are here in the states until Saturday. They arrived last Tuesday and are staying in Manhattan with Josh’s mom, but last Thursday we picked them up at the train station and they stayed with us for a few days, along with my stepson and his family.

So the fridge was stocked…

the flowers were arranged…

sarissa's visit

and Chuckie is baaaaaakkkkkkk.


Now, I think most of you have no idea about Chuckie, so I’m going to respectfully suggest you click on over to this post for a little background. I promise you won’t regret it. ;). (FYI, comments are turned off on all posts older than 90 days). 

Ok, did you read it? I hope so, because for the first time I am going to admit I never had any intention of using Chuckie for Sarissa’s bouquet. If I had, it would have weighed a half a ton, been way too big and frankly, just plain ol’ ugly, and I wasn’t going there. 

I WAS, however, going to invite him to the wedding. Maybe put him on their bed at the hotel, or fix him up with a black tie and top hat and place him at their table at the reception. Sarissa would have killed me, but I would have welcomed death with open arms just to see the expression on her face.

But it was not to be.

When we moved a few months before the wedding, Chuckie disappeared.


So I never got the opportunity to freak her out. A year went by and the mystery of his disappearance was still not resolved, until one day while closing the blinds in our bedroom I turned to see Chuckie tucked between our pillows. 

I immediately knew Fisherman was behind it, and sure enough, he found Chuckie while going through a beach bag looking for lotion and there he was. I had completely forgotten I placed him there when we moved, and hadn’t used that particular bag all that time. 

So I placed Chuckie on the post of the bed in the guest room, and yes, Sarissa freaked out and it was totally worth it.

*Evil laugh* 

Sarissa spent some time going through old photos, and found this one of us on top, and the bottom one was taken last week while at a restaurant. She posted it on IG and I thought I’d share it. Do you ever look at photos of yourself from years ago and wonder who that person is? Kind of weird, isn’t it?

sarissa's visit

I took a short walk Saturday morning in our community, and if you follow me on IG you saw this photo. Looks like the last of the leaves have succumbed to Winter’s chill. 


Josh had to leave Saturday night to return to the city, but the rest of us went out to dinner after a game of Duck Bowling. Have you ever heard of that? Apparently it’s something that is more common in the northeast, New England in particular. It’s actually a little harder than traditional bowling. Apparently, the highest score ever recorded is 279 (as opposed to 300 for regular bowling). My ball met the gutter more times than I care to admit! My final score was 68, and Maddox’s was 82! Oh well, I have other talents ;).

sarissa's visit


In other news…


We’ll be spending an intimate Thanksgiving at Josh’s sister’s house in NY. I’m grateful to have my ‘baby girl’ with us for the holiday, and equally grateful for you all, our health and the health of those closest to us. I don’t take it for granted. Ever.

I hope this holiday finds you all equally blessed.




Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa Inspired Table Settings

Back in the late ’90’s, we had the pleasure of touring the California coast, and it’s a trip we will never forget. The highlight, by far, was the Napa Valley region. The scenery was unsurpassed in its beauty…the food was inspired and fresh (I never knew peaches tasted like that!) …and the climate was perfect. I’m not one to return to places I’ve already been, but I would happily make an exception in this case.

A few weeks ago Alex Mitchell, the lovely Community Hostess at The Fairmont reached out to me. They were understandably impressed with my friend Penny’s table from last year and thought it might be fun for me to highlight a few wedding tables and designs to complement one of their California locations, so naturally I choose Sonoma.

Let’s begin with our arrival at the elegant and stately Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.

sonoma fairmont

sonoma fairmont

Imagine having your wedding take place at this beautiful and idyllic setting, which includes the only luxury spa resort in the country that includes its own thermal mineral water.

fairmont sonoma

The beautiful Sonoma County weather almost guarantees your ceremony won’t get rained on, and what bride wouldn’t love walking up this rose petal filled aisle? 

sonoma fairmont

But now it’s time to head inside for the reception, so let’s have some fun with a few tablescapes!

Coincidentally I attended a tablescape event last Friday (you can see the events from last year here and here) and thought I could gather some inspiration while there, and I was right. :)


When I think of the Napa/Sonoma region, what comes to mind are natural textures, simple but elegant floral arrangement, and colors and materials borrowed from nature.

Let’s step inside and see what awaits, ok?


set to celebrate



It was difficult to pick just one table to highlight, so I didn’t! This next one would be lovely for a casual event, whether it’s a Bridal luncheon, or even a wedding for a client that loves and appreciates natural elements.



Sunflowers, distressed painted wood and hand blown pottery in earthy colors all come together to create a whimsical, cheerful table, perfect for breakfast on the porch the morning after the wedding.


Add some drama and height with a real or faux tree and place some ‘birds’ throughout for a fun and dramatic display.


Now we can’t forget the all important fireplace, can we? And neither did Sharene. Remember I mentioned she was chosen to decorate a mantel at this event? As expected, she outdid herself. 


Decorated with traditional elements and antique silver vessels, this look would be right at home in the beautiful but elegant Fairmont.




This table was one of my favorites. Every attention to detail was meticulously tended to, and it all came together to produce one beautifully rustic but elegant table design.


Notice the slate? How creative, and a perfect backdrop for a rustic table design.





It’s been a magical day, but now it’s time to bid your guests adieu and relax in your beautiful suite with a romantic four-poster bed and lovely garden view.

fairmont hotel sonoma

In addition to the reception rooms available at the Inn, the staff can arrange for off-site venues that are quite unique, such as wine caves and ruins, vineyards, private estates, barrel rooms and more.

Thank you Alex for giving me the opportunity to share the beautiful Sonoma Inn with my readers. I had fun gathering inspiration for your gracious venue :).


In other news…


All in all, I took nearly 200 photos at the event. I’ll be sharing some others with you soon and you won’t want to miss my absolute favorite display which I’ll tease you with in two words…Manola Blahnik. Yup, if you’re a Sex and the City fan, you won’t want to miss this!

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Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Place cards are to table tops what cherries are to sundaes…the crowning touch and final detail that pulls everything together. An elegant or whimsical place card can elevate even the simplest of table settings to one that is magazine worthy. If that weren’t enough, they’re also functional for your guests, since they take the guess work out of where everyone should sit.

I found some inspiring and easy (mostly) place cards that anyone can do, and some can even be a great craft for children to help put together. 

This place card has it all. Simple, easy and smells good :). Buy or cut out card stock, use a small hole punch and place a sprig of rosemary in it, add the names of your guests and you’re good to go.

rosemary place cards


Don’t put that hole punch away just yet. For an even easier place card, bundle some cinnamon sticks together, punch a hole through some glittered paper and tie with pretty ribbon.

place card holders

If your table leans more toward the fun and casual side, here’s one you (and the kids) will love. Click on link below for tutorial.

place cards


Though a bit more involved, these pretty ‘leaves’ can be used not only as place cards, but by using long ribbon they look great tied to a chair. For the tutorial, click on the link.

holiday placecards


These adorable pilgrim hats are actually made out of small terra-cotta flower pots. So cute!



How about giving each guest their own personalized word search? You can create your own online at Armored Penguin. (Love the rustic pencil!).



I love simple but elegant projects, and I bet you do too. Spray a faux or real leaf with gold, tie a rustic string through a card and you’re done.

place cards

Pinecones are a perennial favorite for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas too. Spray paint them for a more festive look, or keep them natural for a more, well…natural look :). 

pinecone place cards


This one’s for you knitters out there. You better get busy! Cute, Cute, Cute!

place card holders


I think this one is my favorite. I’ve always loved pears for decorating, and adding gold spray paint kicks them up a notch, making them perfect for an elegant table.

place cards


Do you use place cards? I have in the past once or twice, but our family is small so usually there’s no need. The only issue we have is everyone wants to sit next to me ;).


In other news…


YOUZA, YOUZA, YOUZA!! I think there’s a LOT more of you reading my blog than before! In case you missed it, last week I was featured on Kris’s blog and wow, subscribers were coming in fast and furious by the minute. Thank you so much! I know there’s countless blogs out there vying for your attention, so I’m deeply honored you choose mine to see in your inbox. 

So you’ll know what to expect, I typically post once a week, usually on Saturdays, but sometimes twice if I have something to share that I KNOW you simply can’t live without ;). And please do take the time to leave a comment. I’d love to know more about you and return the follow if you have a blog.

I attended a ‘Set To Celebrate’ event on Friday, and I can’t wait to share those pics with you. Last year I saw so many beautiful holiday tables I had to write two posts to cover them all! You can see those here and here. Oh and guess what? Sharene was chosen to decorate a mantel this year at the event (that’s a HUGE honor) and she did not disappoint. 


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Guess Where I Am Today?



Hello my lovelies!

How’s your weekend going so far? Mine’s great, and you know why? The lovely and fabulous Kris at Junk Chic Cottage has me in the spotlight today, so please hop on over and say ‘hi’! I’d love to see you there!

A Blogger Lunch, New Canvas Prints, and a Woopie Cushion

I had the very, VERY distinct pleasure of meeting two of my favorite bloggers yesterday! The always funny, smart and oh-so-good cook, Amy from Ms.ToodyGooShoes and the sweet and uber talented Cindy from the lovely blog, Cloches and Lavender

But wait, that’s three people including moi, so who’s the other young lady you might ask? That’s Audrey, Cindy’s bff and hopefully soon-to-be blogger. It was such a pleasure meeting ALL of them!


I drove down on Monday morning from Massachusetts and spent the day/night with a friend in NY, then on Tuesday morning took the 35 minute drive to New Jersey, where we met for lunch at a restaurant Cindy choose (good choice Cindy!). The staff were oh so patient, took our pictures, and let us sit there for three hours while we did a lot more gabbing than eating!

But no get together would be complete without food, right?! Amy gave each of us some of her delicious rugelach, and I can tell you first hand, they are FABULOUS! I confess I ate four on the way home. I just couldn’t stop myself!

Cindy gifted each of us with one of her beautifully designed flower pots, and tucked some chocolate treats inside. Did you know she’s the Queen of decoupage? Well, she is, so stop by and see her creations, ok?


Remember my Vermont post? Lots of people mentioned I should turn some of the pictures into canvas prints, but with a log cabin, the proper wall space is always a challenge. Then I remembered this spot above our doors.


That’s Charlie on the right, an old french style phone and a simple red vase. Nothing really goes together, so I figured that’s a good spot to put some prints and bring in a more cohesive feel. (Sorry Charlie!).

Before you check out the ‘after’, I want to call your attention to the beam and notice the black iron piece below it. Now you can look below.


I cloned it out because I wanted to get an idea of what it would look like if I painted it brown. The black has always bothered me. I’m also thinking I may get anywhere from 1-3 more prints. Odd numbers look better to me, but I’m not sure if a total of five prints would be too much, or if I should just get one more for a total of three. I’m leaning toward one more and take it from there. I can always add more. What do you think?

Last but not least, here’s our sophisticated Halloween costumes (note sarcasm). We went to a chili/chowder/chocolate cook-off, so we thought these would be appropriate. 😉

blogger lunch


In other news…


I made chocolate lasagna for the cook-off, and it was a disaster! Why? Well, for one, we brought it to the clubhouse an hour before the start of the event, so by the time things got underway, it looked more like chocolate soup. Seriously, it was GROSS! The other thing is the recipe called for Cool Whip, but I always prefer to make my own whip cream. I think the texture of the whip cream was too soft, and the Cool Whip would have held things together better. It’s actually good though. Really good. So I’ll make it again, but I won’t make those mistakes again.

It’s beautiful out today, and we’re heading out for a bike ride now. How’s the weather by you?

How To Create A Comfortable Guest Room

Guess what? After not seeing them for over a year, our daughter and son-in-law are heading to the states in a couple of weeks so we’ll get to spend Thanksgiving with them! This will be the first time the two of them will be spending the night at our cabin, so I’ve been thinking a bit about what I can do to make their all-too-short stay as comfortable as possible.

That means it’s time to make sure the guest room is ready!  So let’s get to it…

elegant bedroom


And no, this isn’t our guest room, but I can dream :).


Bedding and Linens


The single most important item in a guest room is a comfortable mattress. This may seem contradictory to what I just recommended, but when we purchased the mattress for the guest room we looked for the least expensive one we could find, and we bought a feather bed to make it more comfortable, and it works great! And the bonus for us is we’re taking it on the road with us when we go to Florida in ‘BAM‘.

Bottom line: if you wouldn’t be willing to sleep on the mattress, don’t force your guests to either. If you don’t have a dedicated bed for guests, a good quality air mattress can work equally as well.

cottage guest room


Bed linens should be simple, good quality (shop stores like HomeGoods for good deals) and ideally fragrance free. As much as you may love the smell of lavender, your guests may not, or worse, they may have allergies, so keep things simple.

I always try to make sure guests have a lightweight blanket. Sometimes certain comforters can feel way too heavy to allow for a comfortable night’s sleep, and I also provide two fluffy bed pillows per person. Lots of people, including myself, like to sit up in bed and read or watch tv, and having that extra pillow really helps.

cottage bedroom

Don’t go overboard with too many pillows on the bed. Consider using just a couple of decorative pillows so your guests don’t have to remove so many every night, not to mention find a place to put them!

guest room



Furniture & Accessories


At least one bedside table is a must, and although most people use their cell phones these days as alarms or to tell time, if you have the space, it’s a nice touch to include an alarm clock on the table.

Your guest room may not have enough space for a chair and ottoman, but if it does this would be a great addition. (Just think about how you feel when you go to a hotel and there’s no place to sit except the bed.)

Definitely include a reading lamp and maybe some magazines or books as well, or better yet, fill a basket with books and magazines that you’ve read and let your guests know they can take them with them when they leave.

guest room


A folding luggage rack or a dresser top cleared so they can place their suitcase on it would be a huge plus! Luggage racks are pretty inexpensive, and if you frequently have out-of-town guests, it’s a worthwhile purchase. No one likes having to bend over every time they need something.

In the closet, provide them with space to hang their clothes and some extra hangers. Aren’t these adorable?

hangers for guest room



These are some other items you might want to include in the bedroom:

Wi-Fi password
Full length mirror or wall mirror
TV with remote control
Pad and pencil
Box of tissues
Waste basket
Tray or dish to hold keys, jewelry or loose change


guest room



More ‘Niceties’


Who doesn’t love finding a basket of goodies by their bedside?! How about some fresh fruit, cookies and bottled water? I also make sure napkins and knives are available in the basket for convenience.

basket of fruit

If you know your guests like coffee first thing in the morning, you might consider setting up a small coffee station for them so they can enjoy a cup first thing. If you don’t have the ability to do that, think about their sleeping habits and how they coincide with yours. You don’t want your guests fumbling around looking for things if they’re early birds, so let them know where all the coffee paraphernalia is located so they can help themselves.

coffee station



Tips for Long-Term Guests


My biggest tip here is don’t have long-term guests, because we all know the joke about guests and fish after 3 days, right?

Seriously, if your guests are staying a while and you really want to take the extra step, here are some special items you could have available to them:

An area map
A list of places in the neighborhood they may want/need to visit (24-hour pharmacy, churches, shops).
Information that covers nearby activities or attractions
Games, activity books or toys for kids if applicable
Will they need public transportation? If so, provide the necessary information for them.
If you think you’ll want to ride bikes, borrow a few extras from friends, or in our case, a couple of kayaks/canoes :).
Many gyms provide free week-long passes so if they are gym rats, it’s a great idea to find out if that’s an option.

guest room


Flowers brighten up any space, and it’s always a thoughtful touch in a guest room, but you might want to find out if your guests have any allergies or breathing problems beforehand. Bonus points if you know their favorite flower and include it.




In the Bathroom


I try to have two towels per person per day. I just picked up some great quality, large bath towels at Job Lot for less than $10 each. Don’t forget to include some hand towels and wash cloths as well. And speaking of which, black washcloths make a great addition to a guest bath. They work great because no one likes to dirty up and stain a pretty white washcloth when removing their makeup.


guest bath toiletries
Pick up some travel size toiletries and place them in a basket. Some things to include…

Soap and body lotion 
Shampoo and conditioner
Toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss
Hair dryer
Pain reliever
Disposable razors
Feminine products (You can tuck these discreetly away in a drawer or pouch)
Lint roller, sewing kit and safety pins
Bath mat

For additional convenience, it would be nice to include these items in the bathroom:

Bath spray/air freshener
Night light
Unisex robe, XL
Make-up mirror


Sleep in the room for a night


A few weeks ago we had friends stay here for a couple of nights, and we learned the light from our computer (remember, it doubles as our office) was super annoying. No one ever mentioned that before, whether it was because they were being polite or it just didnt bother them we don’t know, but now I’ll make sure to keep that light under wraps.

If you don’t want to sleep in the room for a night, at the very least, go through your bedtime routine in the room/space where your visitors will be staying. I guarantee you’ll find a few things that need tweaking!

Is there a place to charge their phone or laptop?
Is there a place to hang a wet towel or bathrobe?

You don’t want to have to disturb your guests for something you might need, so think about if there’s anything in the guest room that might fall into this category. Is your vacuum stored in the guest room? Maybe you’re like me and your guest room doubles as your office? Remove anything you know you’ll need before your guests arrive.

Think in advance about the quirks of the space, and let your guests know about them.

Do you need an Engineering degree to operate the shower? Do the blinds need to be closed all the way to prevent morning sun waking them too early? Clue them in!


Creating a comfortable guest room doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, and trust me, your guests will appreciate the effort you went through to make their stay as comfortable and homey as possible.

Do you have any tips for creating a comfortable guest room?


In other news…


Happy Halloween to you! Are you doing anything special, or if you’re reading this Sunday, did you do anything special last night? We’re going to a small Halloween get-together at the clubhouse, and for the first time in a few years we’re wearing costumes. We picked really silly ones, but you’re going to have to wait until next time to find out what they are ;).

I’m also making a chocolate dish to share called Chocolate Lasagna. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Yum, right?! Anyway,  gotta go and make it. Enjoy your weekend!

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Autumn Around Town

As you may have seen a couple of weeks ago in this post, Vermont is gorgeous in the Fall, but like most of New England this time of year, we’re lucky to have spectacular beauty right in our own back yards so last week we took a short drive to some of my favorite spots.

Visible just around a bend, this vista is one of my all time favorites. 

autumn in tolland

Just up the road is this farm, complete with horses, chickens and sheep…


and they’re happy to come by and say hello!








I found this spot quite by accident a couple of months ago when some road work was being done and we were detoured to a side road.

autumn in holland

Just behind me when I took this picture is a house that sits on a hill. Imagine having this view!



Peak was quite late this year. I went out this morning and noticed some trees were even more intense in color than last week, but I didn’t take any pictures. 


There’s a small gorge that requires a very short walk to get to, and we decided to see how it was fairing. Shortly after arriving these two dogs came into the gorge from the other side and were trying to reach us. They actually went into the water, much to their owners chagrin!


In spite of the lack of rain we’ve had, there was some water flowing. Over the last two months, I think it’s rained once.


I took these next shots over Columbus weekend. I was taken with this handmade truck! What a cool diy project!


Every year there’s a small harvest fair that hosts a scarecrow contest. There were many more that were equally as creative as these.


Remember Cousin It?



I’ll leave you with the quintessential shot of a New England church.



In other news…


Even though it’s the end of October, there are many trees that are just now peaking. I don’t know if I’m more aware of the colors this year because I’m taking so many pictures, but they do seem to be even more intense than I remember. How is it where you live?

We went to Rhode Island this weekend with ‘BAM‘, and I’m happy to say we had almost no issues whatsoever! (Notice I said ‘almost’, but nothing that can’t be fixed.) Friday night we watched a movie called ‘The Long Long Trailer’ starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It was hysterical, and I loved their vintage 40′ trailer! The movie was made in 1953, so if you like vintage trailers, or if you just love Lucy and Desi, here’s a link to the movie trailer

long long trailer


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An Autumnal Luncheon

Don’t you love getting invited to a house that you know is going to be all dressed up and purdy? 

Me too.

So when Sharene invited a few of the ‘gym girls’ to her house for a luncheon last week, I wasted no time asking her if I could get there a few minutes early to take some pictures.

Can you blame me?

autumnal luncheon

sharene's house-11

Isn’t this lovely? Maybe just a little too small though ;).

sharene's house-2

Sharene’s home is decorated in a traditional style, with a few antiques thrown in for good measure. She’s fortunate to have two fireplaces, one in the formal living room, below….

sharene's house-3

and the other in the family room. Did I mention Sharene is great at decoupage? See the trunk? Yup, that’s her work of art.

sharene's house-5

sharene's house-7

sharene's house-8

sharene's house-9

Remember when I said I like large floral displays? I guess Sharene’s a girl after my own heart.

sharene's house-6
sharene's house-4

Writing the menu on a pumpkin is such a cute idea, don’t you think? She placed one on each end of the table, so everyone seated could see it. Perfect for Thanksgiving, although you’d need a bigger pumpkin!
sharene's house-10

We had a delicious, Autumn themed lunch, starting off with brie melted inside a crescent roll, Italian Wedding Soup (which happens to be my favorite), chicken salad stuffed tomato and pear almond upside down cake. 

I took three pictures of these with my good camera, and they were all blurry. Ironically this cell phone pic turned out ok, and if you follow me on IG you may have already seen them.

Want to do something like this yourself? Just cut the tops off tomatoes (or you could use almost any easily cut veg/fruit), cut a hole large enough for the celery, stuff and you’re done. 

stuffed tomatoes

One more picture before heading home. I’m a sucker for white gated arbors!


I lied. One more. I insisted on a picture before we started eating and our lipsticks went kaput. 

That’s Sharene, artist extraordinaire, on the left, and yours truly on the right.

lunch at sharene's

Thanks so much for a lovely day Sharene, and like I said, when I grow up I want a house just like yours!


In other news…


Peak is over, but it’s still lovely here. We ventured out the other day and I took lots of pictures of the immediate area I’ll share with you next time. We had a cold spell over the weekend, and all our plants except a few mums died, but now it’s back up to around 70! We’re taking a short RV trip to Rhode Island soon, so fingers crossed the weather holds up.

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Autumn in Vermont

New England is best known for its explosive Fall foliage, and Vermont is arguably its crown jewel. Tuesday morning I awoke at 4:30, excited to start our day trip to Vermont that would end more than 12 hours and 225 pictures later.

Crossing into the border from Massachusetts, our first stop was Hogback Mountain, located in the town of Marlboro, an area justifiably well known for fabulous views!



Our intent was to drive up Route 100, voted one of the Top 10 Scenic drives in the country. I’d had seen some lovely photos that were taken by a photography group I belong to online and I was hoping to capture one in particular that was taken in Woodstock, but it was not to be.

Nevertheless, I captured some beautiful, quintessential scenes!


One of our stops was at The Vermont Country Store located in Weston, Vermont. It’s a LOT larger than it looks (the white building on the right is also part of it), and we spent quite a bit of time there perusing the countless food, household, and clothing items.


There’s a cute area out back where you can sit and eat, or just breath in the Fall atmosphere.



This display was just across the street in front of a Christmas store (notice the garland on the right).


An employee at the Country Store noticed my camera and gave me a tip…just around the corner from where our car was parked, behind a silversmith shop, was this beautiful location!



We then headed north for a few miles, and came across this lovely, pastoral scene. Notice that dot of white in the background, among the trees?


I can only imagine what it must be like to live in this house, tucked in the mountain and surrounded by all this beauty.


Is there anything lovelier than a perfectly symmetrical sugar maple tree, awash in color? 





There’s no shortage of farm stands and produce stores, and they do a wonderful job of celebrating the season.




Don’t those gourds look like snakes?


And of course, no tour of Vermont would be complete without a covered bridge, this one located just over the border in Guilford.



Autumn…it is truly the year’s last and loveliest smile.

We arrived home at around 7, exhausted from over 6 hours of driving in one day. I wish we could have had more time to explore, but perhaps next year we can head up there with ‘BAM‘ and take a couple of days to do just that. 


In other news…


The weather is starting to chill up a bit, and we may even bring in our mums this weekend as nighttime may get down into the 20’s. On Thursday I had lunch at a friends and am looking forward to sharing a few pictures of her home with you soon. It seems like the Fall is a busy time…festivals, barn sales (I’ve got some pics of those too), foliage, so I guess for a few weeks you’ll have to put up with me posting more than once a week. 😉


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Halloween Food & Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating I tend to put it off until the holiday is suddenly upon me and I realize too late I’m behind the 8 ball.  The only reason my house is decorated for Fall this year is because of the Fall tour, otherwise I’d probably still have geraniums on my porch.

No lie.

But a while ago I found some cute and pretty easy Halloween projects I think are totally doable and thought you might want to check them out too, so here goes. 


Got a trash bag? Then you’re good to go with this craft. 

halloween decorating

Tutorial @ HGTV

Don’t put those bags away just yet! This tutorial is a little more time consuming, but very, very cool!


Tutorial: Pop Sugar

Grab a few carrots, a marker and an accessory or two and you’ve got the makings of some mighty adorable characters.


Tutorial: HGTV

I love these black painted pumpkins, and so easy to duplicate!


Tutorial: HGTV

Some gauze wrapped around some cans with ‘eyes’ peeking out makes for some cute candy containers.


Tutorial: HGTV

Another good use for ‘eyes’.


Tutorial: HGTV

These are so elegant! Come to think of it, I have this exact ribbon :).


Tutorial: HGTV

Maybe a little more time consuming than we would like, but a cute decorating idea for a buffet table.


Tutorial: HGTV

Glitter does a great job of highlighting these pumpkins in both scary and simple ways.


Tutorial: HGTV

Here’s a cool ombre effect!

spider web pumpkins

Tutorial @ Martha Stewart

These bats are adorable, and easy to make with a printable available via the link. 


Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to add a little spooky to your yard or porch this Halloween? All you need is some black craft foam, googly eyes and fishing line to create a flock of wild, weatherproof bats.

Tutorial @ HGTV

To create some glowing ghosts, place a glow stick into a balloon, inflate it, tie it closed, and then draw a ghostly face on it. Leave it to Martha to think of this one!


Tutorial @ Martha Stewart

Pillowcases can be turned into trick-or-treat bags or easy decor by drawing or ironing on a ghostly expression.


Tutorial @ Martha Stewart

These cute little yard ghosts are super easy to make. Don’t have all the materials? No problem. You can use alternatives such as lightweight balls and old t-shirts to get the look without hitting the craft store.


Tutorial @ Practically Functional

Eerie silhouettes do a great job of dressing up your windows, and they get even cooler looking as the sun goes down and the glow from inside makes them stand out.


Tutorial @ DIY Network

Create creepy Halloween candles from cardboard tubes and glue sticks that you can hang indoors or outdoors.


Tutorial @ Crafts Unleashed

If you have some chocolate brownie mix, marshmellows, and either decorating gel or chocolate chips, you can bake these adorably spooky, and delicious,  brownies.


Recipe @ Betty Crocker

Having guests? Wrap up hot dogs in breadstick or croissant dough and bake them for the cutest darn little appetizers ever.


Recipe @ BHG

I just love these cute little tangerines turned into pumpkins! 


Recipe @ Weelicious

Little marshmallows get into the Halloween spirit with cute paint faces with a food color marker.


Recipe @ Family Fresh Meals

And don’t forget your fur baby! I’m sure he will be about as thrilled as this pooch looks ;).

pet costume

Tutorial @ Martha Stewart


In other news…


I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m always trying to learn something new. I purchased a Groupon for a website called UniversalClass for $89, which entitles me to full access to over 500 classes on any subject imaginable. I’m currently taking a course for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and I was having some issues with an assignment. The instructor directed me to an Adobe help link and well, to make a very long story as short as possible, my Lightroom crashed and it took me an entire night on the phone with Adobe to get it back. I thought my head was going to explode, but thank goodness all is well. I have a back up, but when I was restoring it, most of the pictures weren’t mine! Very, very weird.

In the meantime, Fisherman’s laptop COMPLETELY died. Nothing is salvageable (not much was on it so it’s ok) so he had to get a new one. 

On a brighter note, I took an Etiquette class and received a 99 average, so now if you have any questions about proper etiquette, I’m your gal ;). 

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